Life gets in the way…

For several years I blogged avidly. It was something I took great pleasure in as I had always thought of myself as a bit of a writer. It was cathartic, too, allowing me a venue to vent! There were a great deal of things that I wrote about and then over a year ago, I stopped. Just … stopped. Looking back I don’t think I was bored of writing. I think simply that life got in the way! Busy-ness happened, good and bad. My focus shifted as I got a Kindle HD that year and going tablet was fun!

We’ve had many life changes in the last year or so as well. Hubby has transitioned a couple times with work, leaving a full time job for full time work with a friend then later branching out on his own. Financially it has been more than tough. The end goal is to find something he feels he is called to do and will allow him to support our family as well. With that in mind he is going through the steps of becoming a teacher. He loves kids and really connects with older elementary and jr high students. It is a big swing in a new direction for us and we are struggling with the slowness of government red tape. All his paperwork is in order but he’s at the far end of a three month paperwork pile…ugh.

Our backyard farm is growing! We have 19 chickens, 3 ducks and 2 bunnies. The chickens are my favorites. I just love bringing their feed out in the morning and sitting down with them awhile. They cluck and cackle at me and if I’m lucky one will voluntarily jump up on my knee to say hello. They are my gorgeous girls! I’ve got barred rocks, buff orpingtons, easter eggers, bantams, RI reds and several others. Such a lovely variety of fluffy feathers! And the eggs! Mmmm…of all shades and colors. Delicious!

I’m still crocheting and knitting, though not as voraciously as I had been. I’ve dabbled in sewing and jewelry making and while I enjoyed those activities I much prefer yarn! I’m in the process of making a crochet baby ripple blanket that is coming out adorably.

So many things to talk about! Maybe this time I’ll decide to stick with blogging again! Have a lovely day!


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