Random Friday Catch-Up

Missed bloggy-land!

The short of it is this – in April I finished my three year quest to finish the Attic24 Hexie afghan, in May I renewed my passport in anticipation of traveling to Russia in Oct for a missions trip, in June we marked the 8th year since the passing of our beautiful baby, O, in July we celebrated the wild man’s 7th birthday with a DME2 minion cake and my darling hubster and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversay, and in August I started and finished my very first quilt!

Where to start? Let’s go crafty! The hexie…oh, I was determined that this was the year it would finally be finished! It had been languishing in a bag for so long I forgot the pattern and had to refresh my crochet skills before I could begin in earnest. I had about half of it completed and I wanted it done! So it went from this:


To this:


With my little helper:


To this, my tah-dah moment!


It’s been completed since April and I’m still debating doing a border – though, I do like it like this!

My next project is a chevron scarf:


However, I got distracted by fabric…like I don’t have enough crafty things to distract me already!! I discovered a girlfriend is having a milestone birthday and I thought a home made quilt would be perfect for the girl who has everything! So this is my process:







While I’m not thrilled with the binding I really can’t complain for my first ever quilt! My corners will improve!

A few other projects I’ve sewn this summer:

Pot holders and an oven mitt:



Bedroom curtains (don’t mind the mess!):Image




Whew! Think I’ll leave off for now and continue next time with my random summer catch up!

God bless and stay safe!

❤ Ann



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