Starting Anew Six Months Later!

Hello all! I have missed blog land so very much!

Many things have changed since I last posted about my fasting journey this past summer. I still strive to buy fair trade, locally produced and made or grown in the US foodstuffs; however, I am admit to falling prey to our societies’ penchant for “ease.” As much as I have tried to stick with the program, I find it is difficult when there are financial stresses. When budgeting severely limits the ability to purchase conscious free products. I am deeply disappointed in myself in this area. I know better. Especially after all my research last summer and the experiment of the fasting diet! So, even with limited funds, hubby and I have made a new agreement that we will once again put the standards in place we used last summer.

In addition to climbing back on the bandwagon, I have started experimenting with creating my own natural facial cleansers and hair care products based on recipes gleaned from the internet and adding my own personal touches. So, along with advice from friends with similar ideas, I started using a baking soda hair wash at the start of the new year and I’m happy to report success! I also use an apple cider vinegar rinse, with water, honey and aloe and I’ve added a couple drops of rosemary oil for folical health. On my face, I’m using a homemade moisturizer I purchased at our farmers market last summer along with jojoba oil. Let me pause a moment to extoll the virtues of jojoba! It is FABULOUS!!! My skin is absolutely loving it. I have rosacea and it is relieving the appearance of broken blood vessels and redness in my cheeks and alleviating the never-ending dryness and flaking this skin disease causes. My skin is soft and supple. It hasn’t been in many years. So discovering this oil is nothing short of a miracle!

My goal is to learn enough about essential oils and carrier oils so I can begin creating my own cleansing bars and soaps. I believe it will be better for my whole family and help reduce our toxic footprint!

I pray you are all safe and warm!

Father, I pray for all those suffering through this storm. May they find warmth and light and shelter out of the bitter cold. I thank you for providing for us – for blessing us with the roof over our heads, the clothes on our backs, and the food on our table. I thank you for the blessing of my family and friends. I ask that you use my brokenness and my failures, turn them into a reflection of your Grace for your Glory. AMEN.


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