Ok…Now say Hello to…

Bruno 🙂


We’ve had one busy busy month!  First we had the trauma of losing our beloved family pet, Dolomite.  He was truly the BEST dog EVER!  Well behaved, well mannered, voice trained, house trained, snuggly, gentle, watchful, and loving…  Now in the space of not even two weeks, we’ve adopted TWO new puppies!  I know when I’ve been spoiled and man, was I ever spoiled with Dolo!  These two pups are rambunctious, ill-mannered, energetic, high-strung and definitely NOT house trained!  Ugh…I forgot just how much I dislike this stage of disciplining, training, taking the pups outside every two hours, and cleaning up accidents.  Yet, how I love their zest for life, their overwhelming enthusiasm for all things new.  They take me out of my comfort zone, and let’s face it, I’m pretty mired into my zone these days!  Bruno, the baby, is just that – he’s an 11 week old American cattle dog mix and he loves to get right under my chin for snuggles.  I don’t mind, it’s just the 4:30am wake-up time that’s a little hard to take!  Wyatt has begun acclimate very well, still shy, but has learned to do his “business” outside…whew!  One down, one to go!  They play well together and best of all, my wild man simply adores them!  That’s him in the background 🙂



There’s something soft and irresistible about the pups and the wild man had completely succumbed! 

On a different note, I finally got my new swift in – YAY!!!  *Jumping for Joy!*  I can’t wait to use it as I still have this beautiful Hexie Afghan to finish that was started…um…three years ago!  I have 14 skeins of cotton dk to ball up so I can finish and I’m really anxious to finish!


Unfortunately I don’t have a better pic than this – it is halfway done now!

Hope you all have a blessed week!


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