Spring Break

Things have been really heating up here at Casa Mama’s, literally!  The last two days have been mid-summer hot – mid 80’s and sunny.  Lovely weather for April!  However, today it’s back into the mid 50’s to lower 60’s and the difference is plain chilly.  We are doing our best to ignore the chill by tackling all sorts of projects.  Dad has been wanting to move to the downstairs bedroom (which is a logistical nightmare but a mobility necessity) so we’ve been slowly installing him into his new digs.  He’s loving it but not loving the fact that he’s a pack rat!  He can’t figure out why he has purchase receipts that date back to the 70’s!  LOL!

So we figured while we were shuffling him around we’d move my yarn and sewing stuff up into the abandoned office space between our two bedrooms.  Dad had gotten rid of an ancient desk and moved his computer stuff downstairs so there was this space beckoning me to fill it!  First it needed paint:


Aren’t I lovely??  HA!  After we vacuumed up the dessicated remains of a mouse we were ready to paint!  So it went from the above to:


Niiiice 🙂  Built in shelving was quickly calculated and put together, the bonus being all my yarny goodness fit into it!  The next problem was what to do with all the sewing stuff I’ve inherited and purchased.  It’s a temporary mess until hubby cobbles together a sewing table for me to put the sewing machine and serger on.  I’ll probably whip up some curtains to cover the sides of the table so I can stow more stuff (ie: the bins in the corner) under it while making it still look pretty. 🙂


It’ll all come together soon, I’m sure.  In fact, hubby is in the workshop right now fiddling away with his tools and trying to come up with something functional and pretty for me. 🙂

This is what our outside is starting to look like these days:

ImageCreeping Phlox



ImageJapanese Quince


ImageWild strawberry

ImageWeeping Cherry

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I wanted to get these pictures taken this morning while it was still sunny with blue skies…but, got a bit distracted by all the activity in the house instead!

Finally, here are my seedlings – they are popping up so fast!!


Thyme, Sweet Basil, Stevia, Red Bell Peppers, Sunflowers (mini), and Big Boy tomatoes




Say hello to PussemGirl, isn’t she sweet?  (Her real name is Sox but we ended up calling her Puss).  She loves her hugs and kisses and usually sleeps right next to my pillow.  She’s so snuggly 🙂



One thought on “Spring Break

  1. Ann so glad your Dad is making the move, so those stairs won’t be a challenge every trip up to bed. I love what you’ve done with the hallway space. The signs of spring are fantastic. Keep up the good work. Give those MEN in your life a hug from me. MOM

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