Casa Mama’s has been busy lately!  We planned a trip to Beantown for our little man to reward him for finally doing so well in school! 🙂  We rode the Downeaster from Wells to North Station – he was so excited about his first train ride!  From North Station we rode the T (along with all the Red Sox fans) to the New England Aquarium and spent a bunch of time there looking at the exhibits and seeing an iMax movie called Under the Sea 3D.  It was fabulous!  Wild man was really into the 3D adventure and loved playing with his seat and his 3D glasses.  It was time for lunch, so we walked over to Quincy Market and trolled around for some really great food – we found the best mac-n-cheese from MMMac&Cheese located in the west (?) end of the colonnade.  Mark had their Boston Mac which is lobster, crab and shrimp tossed into their classic mac.  I kept it simple with their Classic Mac… lovely lovely stuff…mmm! 🙂  We walked it off next door in Freedom Park while the wild man ran and tumbled on the grass.  Did I mention it was a glorious day?  It was a fine day indeed!  Wild man played in the fountain then we finished off our day back in the Aquarium visiting more penguins and seals and playing in the stingray tank.  Alas, then it was back to the T to North Station and our train home.  We sat next to a couple of really sweet college kids from Endicott College who were on their way home for the long weekend.  Wild man was especially taken by the tall, stunning blue eyed girl who he decided needed a hug for entertaining him and chatting with us all the way home!  Fortunately she was completely charmed by him and didn’t take offense to his overture.  ;P  We wished them luck in life as we detrain-ed and got ready to drive home.  Thirty minutes later, the wild man was tucked into bed, happy with his day and his fuzzy penguin souvenir.  A tiring, yet wonderfully fulfilling day !


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