More Life Happens…

Several things have been going on at Casa Mama’s lately – some good some not.  Starting with what’s not so good, we had to put our beloved dog, Dolo, to sleep last week.  It happened so quickly I’m still not sure what happened.  One week he was running around, begging for treats, and snuggle-buggling like he always did and the next week he was gone.  At first the vet thought he might have contracted rabies but his neurological symptoms didn’t fit.  He deteriorated so fast yet would periodically show improvement that we kept hope alive.  I prayed over him every day that God would use him to perform a miracle in healing.  I firmly believe God loves all his creations, not just humankind, but all living things.  However, I also prayed that if this was God’s will that He take Dolo home then I was going to give Him praise for the time we did have with our beloved pet.  Even now, a week later, it’s very hard to write about it without breaking down in tears and asking “why?”  Yet God did perform a miracle with Dolo’s passing.  It was subtle yet extraordinarily effective. 

And here’s where the good comes in…the wild man didn’t really understand what happened with Dolomite – I believe he thought he’d come home from school one day and Dolo would great him at the door per usual.  Tuesday night when I was putting him to bed, we somehow got onto the subject of heaven.  My precious boy asked me what heaven was like, was God really all around us, and what does it really mean to talk to God.  It was an amazing conversation and one that ended up blessing both of us so much.  Towards the end of the conversation I told the wild man how God loves to hear us praying to Him.  He wants to hear how our days go, He wants the bad and the good.  I told him we tend to go to God with all our wants and needs and rarely take the time for praise.  So I just started praying praises to our Lord and at one point I prayed for Him to embrace our furry family member and reward him for his unconditional love of us and then – I hear sniffles.  I opened my eyes and the wild man started sobbing, crying for Dolo.  I gathered him up and held him while we both had a good cry then I pulled back and looked him in the eyes.  I said, “He’s in God’s hands now, sweetie.  He doesn’t feel pain, he doesn’t suffer, and he has a new little doggy body that’s whole and healthy and he’s up there at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us.  So we need to thank God for the time we had with him and be thankful he’s in a place where there’s no more pain.”  My sweet, precious child looked back at me, wiped his eyes, and said, “Ok, Mama…but I still miss him.”  I told him it was ok to miss him and ok to cry for him. 

Then out of the blue he says to me, “there are these girls at school (he named three of his classmates) and they just don’t believe me when I tell them God is bigger than our school.  They just don’t, Mumma, why?”  Oh, SO GOOD!!!  My son talks about God at school!!!  How great is that!  So there is the miracle the passing of our pup made possible.  An important, teachable moment with my son that he actually listened to…:)  I still miss Dolo and I will for the rest of my life – he was the best doggy friend I have ever had – but his life did not go without meaning.  God uses even the animals to teach us and show us how much he loves us.Image

In memory of Dolomite – thank you for your sweet, gentle, loving manner.  I miss hugging your fuzziness and scrubbing behind your floppy ears.  Aug 2003 to April 5, 2012.


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