Calorimetry Part Two

Yup, made another one!  Take a look but don’t mind the model – I’m sans make-up – and the photo quality is poor 🙂  I think the green one needs a little extra something to make it pop…

I think I’m going to make up a bunch of these little beauties – with unique and colorful buttons and crochet flowers.  I think they’ll make great gifts!  The first one I gave to my sister-in-law and I know she looks beautiful in it.  Looks like I’ve got the knitting bug again 😀  If I can get my wonderful hubby to help me wind some skeins, like several dozen, I can really get going on some projects!

Computer has been acting up again.  I don’t think my old machine is capable of Skype-ing, blogging, facebook-ing, Netflix-ing, Pandora-ing and everything else!  I need to find a way to make some cash so I can invest in an iPad 🙂  *sigh*  One can wish!

We had our first snowstorm of the winter yesterday – and the first snow day.  Poor little wild man was really sick, though.  So he couldn’t get outside and play and he “really really really” wanted to.  He must be feeling better today because he begged me to go to school this morning even while he was dragging his feet.  Against our better judgement, hubby took him to school and spoke to his teacher.  She said whatever wild man has is going around this week.  Could be something he picked up on his field trip to the children’s museum this past Tuesday…  No news from the school must mean good news for wild man!

Hubby is home for an unplanned extended vacation and we are busy tackling some household projects that have been on our list for quite a while!  We spent all day Monday clearing out the cellar and tossing out three black garbage bags and two large boxes of junk.  I don’t think my Dad has cleaned the cellar – ever!  My Mum was a pack-rat, though a very neat one, but after she passed Dad didn’t have the heart to toss any of her stuff out.  My step-mother is a pack-rat, too, albeit not quite so neat.  Now that she’s relocated, hubby and I have been working hard to reorganize, clean and declutter everything.  Such a big job since we combined several households into one!  It’s taken us nearly five years and at least that many big yard sales to get where we are now.

I should have taken before pics of the cellar – but take my word for it, you could not move around or find anything, never mind use it as it was properly intended!  Anyway, here are a few afters:

The white cabinet was filled with trash and old dishes – I remember we used it as a pantry when I was a child so it has been reverted.  I cleaned it out, hubby repaired the mouse holes, and I lined it with some pretty paper.  Once I filled it, I realized I could repurpose some cabinets in my kitchen to make better use of space.  So we’ve been doing that the rest of the week!

The goal for all this decluttering and reorganizing is to get my father installed into the downstairs bedroom.  He turned 81 on Wednesday and is just starting to admit he can’t get around like he used to.  We have a beautiful bedroom and sitting area that were recently redone and hubby and I are going to get him moved in before he comes back home.  (He’s away for the winter :))  He wants to switch rooms but would rather do it when he comes home in March – hubby and I know it will be easier to do it before then!  It will be a HUGE relief when all these projects and room switching are all done.

Somewhere along the way we have more painting to do, too!  The kitchen is in desperate need of fresh paint and we need to finish the upstairs hallway, paint our bedroom and the bedroom my dad will be vacating.  Heaving a big SIGH!  Wow…biting off more than we can chew???  NAH!!!  Bring it on! Next big project will be tackling the garage attic and barn loft!  LOL – I have about 50 boxes stuffed full of books that need going through.  I think we’ll save those projects for warmer weather!

Praying you all have a safe and warm weekend!



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