Hi everyone!  Hope you have had a fantastic Christmas Holiday!  We had a really nice weekend with family and great food and lots of quality time.  Wild man looked adorable for Christmas Eve service…check him out!

Wild man’s Christmas Eve outfit

I’ve been doing a lot of crochet lately.  Lots of charity stuff for my church group, Dockside Crafters.  We make and donate all kinds of crafty items to go with our missions teams on their trips.  We’re on hiatus now after having made a bunch of stuff for our Ethiopia trip this past November.   I’m looking forward to doing a lot more knit and crochet stuff for myself and family this winter!  I just finished a cotton thread sachet for my MIL’s Christmas present.  I just have to make the satin insert and fill it with something good smelling!  She’s staying with us until this weekend so I want to make sure it’s all done before she leaves 🙂  I’ll update some photos later…

I’m working on a baby blanket and a baby hat for two different friends.  I still have my crochet hexie blanket to finish!  Those of you who’ve been following me for the past few years are probably familiar with it.  It’s halfway done and already gorgeous but I haven’t picked it up in months!  I need to wind all the skeins before I can finish it and I’m procrastinating in a BIG way!

Cotton crochet afghan

So many projects so little time!

My hens are off their schedule I think…either that or they’re protesting!  I’m lucky if I get two eggs a day from 9 hens!  Two just went through a molt and one is still a little immature but the others have all been laying for a while now.  Not sure what’s going on there.  I think I’ve been letting them roam too much and they were laying in the bushes somewhere.  Now that it’s winter, I’m keeping them in their run and coop so maybe production will ramp up again!  Mister Sister is busy keeping all the girls in hand – he’s so funny!  He’s annoying as most roosters tend to be but he does a great job guarding them and feeding them and making them nests.  He’s very proud of his brood

Feels great to be back!  Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!



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